Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NotShocking06: SxSW 2007 review installment 1

Matthew Wayne Selznick asked for the podcast in raw mp3 form so he could listen on any player, and that's what Matthew Wayne Selznick gets. So this is the first SxSW review - a simple little mix tape for you. In this wrap, i reveal my favorite show at SxSW and i even play a little un-safe music..
I'll publish it tonight when i get home from work, it'll be purty and enhanced with awesome pictures and magnificent shownotes for clickable pleasures. but for a sneak peak..

here's the mp3. rock.

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mwselznick said...

Corey Denis name-checked me!!!! I gotta buy all new hats; my head's so big now.

I bet I'm not the only one who re-subscribes to your 'cast now that we can listen to it anyway, anyhow. Thanks for that, lady!

And as a bonus, we get a snapshot of your smiling face. It's a good day!

Justin said...

great mixtape!!