Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Shocking dot Com is Born

please update your feeds, is now the main site, notshocking.blogspot will exist for archival purposes only.

Please visit the new home for Not Shocking at, you guessed it...

Fell into
A sea of grass
And disappeared among
The shady blades...
Children all
Ran over me
Screaming tag!
You are the one!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Greening my iPod

Koast II Koast

Download "Where's The Weed At?" (mp3)
from "Koast II Koast"
by Kottonmouth Kings
Suburban Noize Records

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Shots Fired. Dumb Luck.

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from "Dumb Luck"
by Dntel
Sub Pop

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Last night, as i was 4 8 15 16 23 42'ing (watching the only television program i actually watch on an actual tv set) there were shots fired about a block away. i heard either 6 or 7 shots, couldn't count. My roommate and i looked at each other. "that was a gunshot, right?" Right.

LOST cut to commercial as if it knew, and we heard the sound of a car pulling off, barely screeching but hauling ass. 3 minutes later: the cops arrived, i lost track of the tv show, we turned off our lights and peered out the windows to watch for what would happen next. Men yelling, a woman screamed, police sirens and lights, and yellow tape around the convenient store on the corner.

Pause. go back in time. 20 minutes before the tv programme began, i went to the convenient store to use the ATM. I bought a red lighter, walked home.

Pause. Back to the crime scene.

We watched as police interviewed men and women, one man collapsed in tears, another woman fell to her knees and two men tried to pick her up. There were the sounds of humans in pain, sadness, tears and shock echoing down the street. My roommates and i started speculating.

"maybe the convenient store clerk was shot"
"the one who just sold me a lighter? the nice middle eastern guy who has pictures of his daughter all over the place?"

I've been scouring the interwebs for information on a crime in the mission last night at a convenient store and have yet to find any piece of information. (if any missionites have any good links to local crime stories let me know)
what i do know is that Someone died on my block last night at the convenient store. one minute they were alive. Shots fired. then they were not. and instantly, my concerns and any problems, all in perspective. And i have risen on May 3, 2007 with new responsibility to embrace the day and days ahead. dumb luck.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Fling

jackpine social club spring fling. tonight. 9pm.

music, a meat raffle, loose morals, rock & roll

9pm, annies social club, 5th & Folsom

it's on right here

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Punch and Judy

Punch And Judy
- Elliott Smith

A wallflower, Punch talks to Judy
In a crowded corner where anybody can listen in
But they don't read page to page or speak easy
Now they're going to go say the words
In the wrong order again
They walk in a circle
Through all the sidewalk scenes
They used to be a part of one time
Now everybody just stares and whispers
Driving around up and down Division Street
"I used to like it here
It just bums me out to remember
Can't you ever treat anyone nice?
I think I'm going to make the same mistake twice"
They draw the curtain
Wait for a call
Pretty lucky if they get any kind of response at all
"Can't you ever treat anyone nice?
I think I'm going to make the same mistake twice
I'm going to make the same mistake twice"

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vagina Power w/ Alexyss Tylor

all up in it

Web2.0pen/ Web2.Expo - Come to my discussion group, even if you aren't in SF :-)

I am leading a discussion today at web2.0pen down at the web2.0 Expo ... at the Moscone Center. The discussion is at 3pm, talking about online communities & how they interact with the digital music space. Chris Pirillo (lockergnome, gnomedex, and much much more) is down at the conference today with a live stream of his experience. Perhaps he will attend my discussion group so my awesome friends back east can catch a glimpse. I've embedded his stream so you can see for yourself. My discussion is at 3pm Pacific Time - east coast that's 6pm your time, bitches.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You're all I read anymore

I love you sons of bitches. You’re all I read any more. You're the only ones who’ll talk all about the really terrific changes going on, the only ones crazy enough to know that life is a space voyage, and not a short one, either, but one that’ll last for billions of years. You’re the only ones with guts enough to really care about the future, who really notice what machines do to us, what wars do to us, what cities do to us, what big, simple ideas do to us, what tremendous misunderstanding, mistakes, accidents, catastrophes do to us. You're the only ones zany enough to agonize over time and distance without limit, over mysteries that will never die, over the fact that we are right now determining whether the space voyage for the next billion years or so is going to be Heaven or Hell.

- Eliot Rosewater

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

...but that instant is over

"she said i missed you for an instant but that instant is, it needs me"

Give 'em All a Big Fat Lip

Download "Technology" (mp3)
from "Give 'em All a Big Fat Lip"
by The Whigs
ATO Records

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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    NotShocking006 is published to the sphere

    it's true. published, enhanced, and delicious.

    thanks to libsyn, you can get it here

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    NotShocking06: SxSW 2007 review installment 1

    Matthew Wayne Selznick asked for the podcast in raw mp3 form so he could listen on any player, and that's what Matthew Wayne Selznick gets. So this is the first SxSW review - a simple little mix tape for you. In this wrap, i reveal my favorite show at SxSW and i even play a little un-safe music..
    I'll publish it tonight when i get home from work, it'll be purty and enhanced with awesome pictures and magnificent shownotes for clickable pleasures. but for a sneak peak..

    here's the mp3. rock.

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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Bumrush the Charts - march 22

    Today is March 22, which means for .99 and 2 mins of your time you can help new media prove purchasing power AND help someone go to college all at once. I've already purchased the track today. I am in. Please Join me, cc chapman, adam curry, and other new media makers and advocates - participate in Bumrushing the iTunes charts. To save a step, you can purchase the track straight from my blog right here, and the financial aid folks will still donate 50% of your purchase to (scholarship fund).

    band: Black Lab
    Track to buy in itunes: Mine Again
    make life easy and click here to buy it (you will be counted in Bumrush the charts)

    for more info visit the Bumrush The Charts blog.

    "On March 22, 2007, a bunch of podcasters are aiming to game the charts in the iTunes Music Store for at least a day by asking everyone involved in podcasting to buy just one song, a specific song, Mine Again by Black Lab, that day. The effort, called Bum Rush the Charts, is designed to demonstrate to old media that podcasting has reach and more importantly, purchasing power."