Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bumrush the Charts - march 22

Today is March 22, which means for .99 and 2 mins of your time you can help new media prove purchasing power AND help someone go to college all at once. I've already purchased the track today. I am in. Please Join me, cc chapman, adam curry, and other new media makers and advocates - participate in Bumrushing the iTunes charts. To save a step, you can purchase the track straight from my blog right here, and the financial aid folks will still donate 50% of your purchase to (scholarship fund).

band: Black Lab
Track to buy in itunes: Mine Again
make life easy and click here to buy it (you will be counted in Bumrush the charts)

for more info visit the Bumrush The Charts blog.

"On March 22, 2007, a bunch of podcasters are aiming to game the charts in the iTunes Music Store for at least a day by asking everyone involved in podcasting to buy just one song, a specific song, Mine Again by Black Lab, that day. The effort, called Bum Rush the Charts, is designed to demonstrate to old media that podcasting has reach and more importantly, purchasing power."


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